I did not want to cook tonight!

macaroni & cheese

It has been a really long week.

My sister broke her arm a few weeks ago, so I have been working a lot more for her. Our part time girl called in sick Monday and Tuesday. That left 2 of us.

Add to that, I didn’t get any rest last weekend.

I’m toast… Cooking was not high on my hit parade…

I had taken a chicken breast out to thaw, but I wasn’t feeling very inspired. And Bob still has no upper teeth.

So as I’m driving home I’m going through this list in my head…

He can’t eat burgers

He can’t eat Subway

He can’t eat pizza

He won’t eat Chipolte

UGH! I guess I’m cooking…

So I’ve got a chicken breast and green beans. Good start. (see How to Always Have Something For Dinner)

I seasoned the chicken breast with garlic powder and Mrs. Dash Spicy seasoning and put it in a pan with some coconut oil to saute. Got the green beans on.

I’ve been working on a made from scratch Mac and cheese recipe. So I decided to make that. I wanted something fast, with no processed ingredients. In previous attempts, my daughter said it was good, but needed to be creamier. Then the next couple of batches were just bland.  I think I may have gotten it right. You’ll be the first to know when I hit it right!

Everything turned out good. I had a burst of energy to work on some stuff – short lived, but hey. I’m happy I cooked.

And he’s been washing the dishes every night lately. Don’t know exactly how that happened, but I’m not complaining, and I’m keeping my mouth shut.


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