Garlic to the Rescue!


There’s some sort of nasty contagious sinus infection going around.

My sister’s right hand girl caught it from her husband who had been down with it all last week. She went to the doctor right away when she started feeling really bad on Friday. We can’t afford for anyone else to be sick!

She had a sore throat so bad it hurt to eat, drink, swallow… She was weak all weekend and pretty much laid around. That was even though they put her on 500 mg. of Penicillin 4 times a day, and something for the pain.

I went home Friday and ate a piece of raw garlic toast, took a zinc, and had a glass of orange juice – just in case…

I was just sitting around Sunday night, kinda tired and thinking about hitting the shower and going to bed. Suddenly it hit. My throat started getting sore and my chest hurt.

I repeated the Friday night ritual and went to bed.

Monday morning I felt not real terrible, but certainly not good. I repeated the ritual, yes – raw garlic toast for breakfast. We made it through the day. I repeated the ritual.

Tuesday morning, I’m better – but not out of the woods yet. I repeated the ritual. Now its Tuesday night. I made it through another day. I’m not feeling bad, but Im not 100% yet. I just repeated the ritual.

Now I didn’t get it as bad because I eat healthier than she does, and I took measures immediately once I knew I was exposed.

I’ve used garlic medicinally for years. I’ve healed many abbesses eating raw garlic.

But you can’t just throw garlic in your food and cook it in these cases. You have to cut up the raw garlic, let it sit 30 seconds to 1 minute, and then eat it. There is some sort of chemical reaction when the cut garlic is exposed to air.

Now just eating raw garlic is pretty rough, so I started putting it on a piece of buttered toast.

Just like prescription meds, you have to do this for 7 – 10 days to make sure the infection is gone.

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