Do you feel like you live with baboons?

Screaming Baboon

Often when I’m closing the shower curtain for he 10th time and there’s hair and toothpaste all over the sink and hockers in the tub –  I think to myself..these guys are a bunch of baboons.

I had an interesting experience today.

It started last night. I was not in the mood. Its been a long week. I hurt my core muscles last week, and its not been fun. I’ve been a little grumpy…

There was a jacket and a lunchbox left on the couch. A hat on the cabinet. Dishes in the sink. And the usual hair and toothpaste all over the sink and hockers in the tub. Shower curtain left open exposing the tub that sorely needs to be replaced. Lovely thing it is…

I left it. I figured why should I clean it before going to bed so it can be trashed again before I even get up?

I guess it must have been quite a shock to them when they got up.

I cleaned everything up before I went to work. That was as long as I could tolerate it. And really, it doesn’t take that long.

Funny thing is…Everyone closed the shower curtain today. The sink stayed clean. There are no late night dishes in the sink. Interesting.

There is hope!


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