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No matter how bad your house has gotten, there is hope. Read on to see how another house was saved…

I got a thank you text this morning –

“Dan says the house hasn’t been this clean since we moved in…I doubt it was then either because they were heavy smokers…Thank You!!”

My sister had a knee replacement in January. I’ve been helping her get the house clean since then.

Shall we say that cleaning is not her strong point?

The house was overwhelming even for me. I had to approach it a little at a time

I started by doing the bathrooms, top to bottom.

One day I did cobwebs and wiped down all of the pictures.

I would take Murphy’s and wash down a piece of furniture or a cabinet here and there.

Now, these extra projects were in addition to regular cleaning the counters, dusting, and such. Just one extra project at a time.

My niece is coming in this week, so I put some extra effort in last weekend.

I had been wiping down the kitchen cabinets and a wall here and there, but I’ve been putting off the bank of cabinets over the stove. It was going to be a big job.

Now it was time.

They are wood cabinets, so you have to be careful not to ruin the finish, but there was years of grease and grime built up. I got my bucket of Murphy’s and a rag and got to work. I spent a good hour on just 5 doors gently removing the grunge.

Then I got out the Old English oil and gave them a good coat.

They looked so good that it made the rest of the cabinets look kinda bad, even though I had wiped them down. I had to go back and oil all of them.

I wiped down more walls and cleaned the floor real good.

The kitchen looks amazing.

clean kitchen

There are a couple of things that still need work, but most people won’t really notice. The underside of the range hood, and the very top of the cabinets. I’ll get to those someday…

The point is – this didn’t happen overnight. If I lived in the house, it would have gone much faster. This was done by completing one extra project every week or two. I didn’t kill myself doing it.

Now my hope is that she will dust off her copy of Clean Freak and keep it clean!

(The pictures are only a representation and not her actual house. She would kill me!)

Clean Freak






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