Be More Productive – 15 minutes at a time

Image courtesy of: NickPiggott

You can make your life run a whole lot smoother in just 15 minute chunks.

Think about it. What can you accomplish in just 15 minutes?

At Home –

Clean the kitchen

Clean a bathroom

Dust the bedrooms

Fold the laundry

Pay the bills

Prep dinner

Organize a drawer

Read a chapter of a book that will help you improve your skills

Take a walk.

Wait! Take a walk? How will that make you more productive?

Its exercise

You’ll lose weight if you do it consistently

Reduces stress

Helps clear your mind

You’ll have more energy

What if you’re waiting?

Plan meals

Plan your grocery list

Make your ‘to-do’ list

Answer emails

Watch a motivational video

Read an instructional article

Do a set of heel lifts (Raise up on your toes and then slowly lower your heels back down. A set is typically 8.) I’ll bet you can think of a bunch more things you could do in just 15 minutes. Share your ideas!

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